Functional CSP

This is a highly viscosity and easily dispersible functional soy protein concentrate for use in bowl chopper, mixer/grinder, and mixer/blender system. It provides good emulsifying properties and is recommended for comminuted, ground, and canned meat products. With the satisfying functionality, this CSP can also be used in emulsion meat products to replace or partly replace Emulsion Grade ISP. 

Physical characteristics

Protein (DRY BASE)68% min
Moisture7% max
Ash6% max
Crude fiber4% max
Fat1% max
PH7 ±0,5

Typical bacteriological analysis

Standard plate count20,000/g max
Enterococcus100/g max
Coliforms (in 0.1g)negative
E-coli (in 0.1g)negative
Salmonella (in 25g)negative
Yeast and mould50/g max

Packing: 20kg net weight, paper/plastic bag poly-lined.

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