BMC Euope is a 100% subsidiary of Qingdao CPI (Enterprise)International Co., Ltd, acting as representative branch office for Europe.

Qingdao CPI (Enterprise)International Co., Ltd was founded in early 1988 as one of the first two protein companies in China. In June 2008 CPI was bought by private investors and was changed from state-owned to wholly private enterprise. It was then reorganized in late 2008, and with its mature technology and complete food safety systems, a new product line was set up in north-east China in the same year. There were many changes in the development of the past 21 years, but there is one thing that has never been changed and will never be changed: quality guarantee. CPI is custom-oriented. With its stable production, 20 years of researching and quality control experience, CPI is providing customers with products, quality and all-round service. Continuous technical innovation and growing with customer is always the company’s target.

CPI has a complete product line from soybeans to soy protein. There are two protein product lines, with a capacity of 15,000 tons of soy protein isolate per year. CPI has its own wastewater treatment system and will therefore cause no pollution to the environment. With its own power supply system, stable production and quality is strongly guaranteed. CPI is SGS approved, and has also got the certification of ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP, GMP as well as IP (Non-GMO Supply Chain Certification). CPI is doing its best to meet the requirement of every customer under quality control and food safety systems.

Since 1998, CPI has greatly improved its products and service to meet customers’ requirements. Its goal every day is to produce products that provide superior quality and value to every customer with the highest level of satisfaction. With the development of the past 21 years, CPI is now recognized as a leading global supplier of ingredients, private label products and custom processing services for various food industry not only with soy protein but also with collagen casing and wheat & corn products as well as pea protein.